Who I am…


I’m Andrea Leilani, a wedding and portrait photographer based in beautiful Colorado. I love capturing love and all things that make us human. I’m happiest exploring gorgeous landscapes, spending time with my sweetest little five year old boy, and living life with my amazing husband.

For the last 2 years I have been working side by side with Joshua McDonald, the owner of ROGUE Film Co, who’s now my husband! I have had the opportunity to photograph as an associate weddings, portraits, lifestyle sessions, boudoir and family! I have worked so much on my own, Joshua & I both agreed, it was time for me to spread my wings and start, “Leilanily” (Lay-Lawn-illy) which came from my middle and last name Leilani Lee.

I started photography after I became a mommy, because honestly what mom isn’t obsessed with taking hundreds of photos of their baby (you can never have too many) so I decided to get creative and what was 100 daily iPhone photos turned into a past time hobby when I purchased my first camera. I moved on to shooting portraits casually of some of my friends. We would venture to places in the mountains with amazing landscapes and take photos, just for heck of it and man did I fall in love with it! Nothing made me happier than getting to capture moments of beautiful people in beautiful scenery. The most rewarding part for me is hitting them in the feels with the photos we created. That’s exactly what I aim to do with all my photos. I want them to make you laugh and cry, and for them to be a reminder of what mattered to you most at that time.

Discovering this passion of mine has been the greatest blessing. I’m here to tell your story and capture those heart thumping butterfly tingling moments between the two of you in the most genuine way I know how to.

So, there’s a little bit about me and who I am. I would also love to hear about your story! So send me an email and let’s get started on your memories!

- Leilanily