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Cancellation Policy

Portrait: Payment made will act as a contractual agreement to do business and any time spent communicating will be considered apart of the payment. The client has up to 48 hours to request a refund and all but $50 will be given back. The $50 will be held for processing, time given, communicating and coming to an agreement. After 48 hours the entire amount will be forfeited and considered processed to Leilanily. If a cancellation does occur, the monies paid to Leilanily can be used for a reschedule within 60 days of the date unless communicated differently via Leilanily and a new agreement is made upon. If the monies are agreed to be used at a later date outside of 60 days, a possible additional fee may be incurred based upon promotion or current rates if rates have changed.

Wedding: Will be included in Contract, See Contract for information.

Delivery Time

10 - 15 Business Days

Image Delivery

Two Digital Downloads


Includes Print Rights, Online Gallery, Digital delivery, timeline consultation, etc…


Prints are available for purchase and Leilanily can customize a print package if requested.